Speaking of LA…

I’ve decided to put my, erm, credit card where my mouth is and take a trip out to Los Angeles to visit Lauren. I’m not sure she really believed me at first when I told her (yesterday) that I was feeling spontaneous and wanted to fly out to see her this coming weekend. I was, of course, deadly serious and if you could in any way see my face you’d know that to be true, so come Friday evening good times and, by association, hilarity will likely ensue.

Sometimes you just need to do things like this, and Lauren is one of those people who ‘get’ that we’re supposed to be living a life requited. As you can see from the image above, we’ve got some big plans of global domination through our indie dancing skills with our ultimate goal being to totally and completely entertain ourselves. Yeah ok, and also world peace.

Lauren is contractually obliged to be photographed holding some kind of beer bottle, while I tend to be shot in full frontal hipster douchebag getup. It’s what we do.

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