Everythings and Nonethings

If I never know love again
I know what it felt
to love you.
A culmination
of hopes,
lost wishes,
stolen kisses,
forgotten smiles
and a sugar high
that threatens
to render me
and sun-blind.
It’s this love,
this love for you.
Deep and intense
yet gentle and kind.
It’s all my old wrongs
made right.
It’s my everythings,
my nonethings,
my tomorrows
and yesterdays.
It’s my life requited.

Fade To Black and Blue

To be inspired by art or nature is a beautiful thing. To be inspired by someone, however, that is heaven.

I want you in my arms
and in my eyes
and in my mouth
I want to push myself
through you
and out the other side

To crash into your lips
to press against you
with purpose
letting the world
and the cars
and the people around us
fade to black

To get lost in each other
in time
in a moment
that time is ours
for hours upon hours
as we fade into blue

Fade to black
fade to blue
I don’t care
so long as I’m
fading into you 


Here’s a little something I threw together, inspired in part by the tempo and lyrics of the Psychedelic Furs‘ She Is Mine’ off their 1981 album ‘Talk Talk Talk’. I used to write a lot more of this stuff, but for various reasons the output has slowed recently. Maybe it’s time for a resurgence.


I met a girl
and called her Kate
Her name was Caroline

She asked if that’s
the type of thing
that I did all the time

I said Kate
I cannot lie to you
When you walked through the door
I lost my head
and had to pick
myself up off the floor

and I do believe right now
dear Kate,
I couldn’t want for more

She gave me a smile
and we danced and we talked
about names and romance and true crime

Our song gently faded
and she whispered like ghosts
I’m not Kate but I’ll be your Caroline