Portfolio Work


I’ve never had my own personal business card before. I decided to remedy that.

Jase’s Journey Video

Jase’s Journey is another result of my increased collaboration with our video production team at Johns Hopkins All Children’s Hospital.

Moxxii Photo Logo

My friend James contacted me about a friend of his, Heather, who was looking to change up the design of the logo for her photography company. I was excited to work on a freelance project as I had just moved to Flagstaff, Arizona and my creative energy was tuned up. Heather and I met up … Continue reading Moxxii Photo Logo


In creating the CRPN logo, I was presented with another opportunity to work with a great client and burnish my logo design skills.

Bikinis and a Weenie – Baby Shower Invite

When your good friend of almost 20 years asks you to design a baby shower invitation for her good friend, you go and do that thing. This was a fun freelance project for my friend Emily that allowed me to explore and play with some retro ideas. While I really love the design on the … Continue reading Bikinis and a Weenie – Baby Shower Invite