Episode 18 – Disco Star Wars


Podcasts are dropping left and right analyzing the latest Star Wars blockbuster, The Last Jedi. But one major plot point that’s not being discussed in all these podcasts is, “What happened to that Star Wars disco record?”

On this episode, we’re taking it back to the funky Seventies to talk about the brief era where John Williams’ iconic themes were slapped and slathered with a jazzy disco sheen. We also go in depth on the album below by noted* jazz funk surf legends, the Jeff Wayne Space Shuttle. If you have any desire to listen to some, err, interesting interpretations on the Star Trek, Planet of the Apes TV show as well as the Superman and Batman themes, check out this blog post from 2012 that has a link to access .mp3 files of the entire album.

* – by noted, we mean completely forgotten


Episode 14 – Batman/Adam West


The passing of Adam West on June 9 was felt by generations. Whether you knew him as Mayor Adam West from Family Guy, or for the role that came to define him, Batman from the 1960s TV show, there was no mistaking that butterscotch smooth voice. The world is a little less entertaining now that he’s gone.

On this episode of So Bad It’s…we talk about Adam West and the 1960s Batman television show, including listing our favorite Pow graphics, some of which are shown above. They may or may not be real. Jon then relates his fond memories of Batgirl Yvonne Craig. Also, Broadway Joe Namath stops by and gives us an idea for a future episode, because of course he does. Go long!

Boundless Logo

boundless-mainThis was a simple design I created for my good friend Jeff for his startup design company, Boundless Graphic Solutions. Jeff and I worked together at BU for a couple of years, and we still like to collaborate on random ideas. When he decided to strike out on his own, I was more than happy to help, so when he asked if I’d design his company logo, how could I say no? There are several ways, actually, but I didn’t choose any of them.

Something New

My mind opens up at night. I’ve never been able to understand why, I just go with it. It may be about someone. It may be about someone else. It may just be words cascading from my fingertips onto a keyboard. It may be I’ve had too much to drink. And so here it is…

were you an inescapable fate
or was the timing just right?
did you appear from the left
or from just out of sight?

you led me this way
i led you astray
and it’s the best thing
to happen to us both

for a little while
for now”