Logo design is not my strong suit, but I’m always up for the challenge to improve at it. I recently had an exciting opportunity to do just that with a startup business connection made through my best friend Jon.

Daniel Fox MPH, Ph.D. is a translational scientist and clinical research advocate who created the Clinical Research Payment Network (CRPN) to provide a patient-centric model designed to align clinical researchers and pharmaceutical companies with his model to ensure researchers/docs are paid their true value, enabling more clinical trials which in turn lead to more breakthroughs and better outcomes that benefit the patient.

Daniel shared his passion, his story and his vision with me and our collaboration resulted in the logo you see above.

Daniel provided me with a great head start as we discussed his aesthetics – not a fan of lowercase, wanted something forward-looking and flowing but orderly and a color palette that was grounded/earthy/confidence-inspiring.

That allowed me a great direction to set out and start playing with. I gave him a lot to mull over and think about. I abandoned the usual three concept rounds and basically assaulted his senses with several potential directions. Each round we honed in closer to realizing his vision and I’m happy to say we arrived at it.


As an extroverted introvert, promoting myself has always been a challenge. I’ve always taken on freelance projects through friends and word of mouth and I realized I’ve never had my own personal business card. I decided to remedy that.

I wanted to incorporate some musical themes that have been major influences in my life, namely the industrial Factory Records look made famous by Peter Saville’s work on New Order’s (among others) record sleeve design and and a bit of the punk ethos.

For colors, I went with a black/fuchsia 1970s punk aesthetic because while I may not necessarily look punk on the surface, I’ve always resonated with punks’ early energy of discovering and embracing one’s individuality.