Bikinis and a Weenie – Baby Shower Invite

When your good friend of almost 20 years asks you to design a baby shower invitation for her good friend, you go and do that thing.

This was a fun freelance project for my friend Emily that allowed me to explore and play with some retro ideas.

While I really love the design on the left, they went with the one on the right and I get it. It’s playful and it pops more.

I still wanted to feature both since I was proud of how both concepts turned out.

Budget was an issue and they were meant to be printed, so these were both designed to be standard 5×7″ cards that could fit into an A7 envelope.

As I mentioned up top, I’ve known Emily for almost 20 years and her reaction when I presented her with the concepts was so wonderful and sincere, it really made my day.

I knew there was a reason we’ve remained friends for so long.

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