Episode 15 – Random Acts of Violets


If you’ve ever wondered how to meld Welcome Back, Kotter, The Little Rascals, Alice, Joe Namath and our high school music teacher Mr. Stark into a barely comprehensible thread, boy are you in luck. That’s exactly what happens on this episode of So Bad It’s…

Not all episodes have a topic. Or a point. Or intelligent conversation. Here, we hit the trifecta. Here, we go random. Enjoy.

Lost In The Supermarket

We often grow accustomed to things just… working, in our lives. Especially the small things. We power on our laptop and it boots itself up. We hit ‘Start’ and the microwave pops our popcorn. We pull a lever and a goose blares as a horn for our makeshift car put together with spare parts in a back lot by a bunch of street urchins. Wait, I think that last one was just in the Little Rascals.

I always wanted to ride with Spanky, Buckwheat and the gang on this thing.

When these automated tasks don’t go as expected, we’re usually able to work our way around them. But it’s still funny how some of the simplest of tasks not working can leave us utterly confused and lost, as I witnessed today.

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