Do It Clean

I love that creativity can come from anywhere and at any time.

Like many people, I do some of my best singing in the shower. I have brief moments where I think I’ve hit some transcendent note of a song I like, only to have those moments dashed when I end up choking on a mouthful of shower spray.

However, I can’t always be contained by the library of established songs in my head so I sometimes venture off and start making up my own lyrics. Fewer times still, I will actually like what I come up with! Today was one of those days. It’s only a small something that I hope to create into a bigger something, but I need to get it down and keeping a paper and pen handy in the shower doesn’t really get the job done.

I’m going to keep this little snippet here and it will hopefully blossom into something interesting. And hey, if you feel like adding to what I’ve begun, leave something in the comments and we can create a collaborative song! I promise to share royalties when it goes massive. For now, I leave you with A Brief Moment Of Inspiration From The Shower:

The only tears you cry
Are tattooed on your shoulder
And the look that’s in your eyes
Says I’ll only miss you when I’m older
When life’s turned colder…

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