Hotel Morrissey – the marketing

The other day I wrote about my dream involving the Hotel Morrissey, which naturally housed a Cafe Morrissey in its lobby. How this respite for weary travelers existed only in my dream no one can really know, but that was no excuse to not formulate marketing and product strategies!

A Facebook post followed, and thanks to some truly ace ideas from a couple of friends, it cemented in my mind that this was perhaps the single greatest idea I had ever had!

What follows are the fruits of our labors. Special thanks to Brian, Mario, Marc, Steve, Marya and Lauren for fueling the fire. Please feel free to add your own ideas so that some day the Hotel Morrissey will become the reality it was meant to be. Morrissey is such the lyricist that this could go on forever (in which case I’m doomed). Continue reading “Hotel Morrissey – the marketing”


Here’s a little something I threw together, inspired in part by the tempo and lyrics of the Psychedelic Furs‘ She Is Mine’ off their 1981 album ‘Talk Talk Talk’. I used to write a lot more of this stuff, but for various reasons the output has slowed recently. Maybe it’s time for a resurgence.


I met a girl
and called her Kate
Her name was Caroline

She asked if that’s
the type of thing
that I did all the time

I said Kate
I cannot lie to you
When you walked through the door
I lost my head
and had to pick
myself up off the floor

and I do believe right now
dear Kate,
I couldn’t want for more

She gave me a smile
and we danced and we talked
about names and romance and true crime

Our song gently faded
and she whispered like ghosts
I’m not Kate but I’ll be your Caroline