Bob(cast)’s Yer Uncle

About two weeks back I had a conversation with a friend of mine back in Boston, the elusive rapscallion known as Bob Danger. It went something like this:

BD: “Hey Pete, I came up with an idea and was wondering if you would -”

Me: “I’m in.”

It may or may not have happened exactly that way. Regardless, this Monday we proudly introduced the world to episode 1 of The Bobcast, our shiny new weekly podcast discussion of movies, pop culture and whatever topics that happen to strike our fancy. And we do like our fancies struck.

While we await approval from the iGods at iTunes, you should do yourself a favor and stroll on over to the Dangerblog (it’s also linked on this very site in the blogroll) where the episodes will be housed, and check the haps on his side of the internet.

Our first episode covers ‘Thor’ which just raked in a few kroner this past weekend as the #1 movie in the U.S.A. We also touch on Marvel and DC Comics‘ strategies and track records when it comes to superhero movies. We will never be confused with experts, not even by other non-experts who claim not to be experts, but we do aim to entertain. At the very least, it’s a creative venture with a friend, so it has some merit. To me.

Until next time, true believers… Excelsior!

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